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Commodities have recognized the technology that comes with time, they have made themselves successful. Today and the future is of technology!

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Sapna life solution Pvt. Ltd.

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This Golden Opportunity Activation: Minimum 3540 ₹
POS.Wallet Transaction Cashback 10% Cashback = Total Rs 10000 Cashback
1- Sponsor Income 5%
2- Direct income 5%
3- Matching income 10%
1st time 2: 1 - 2nd & onward: 1: 1
Capping: Rs 5000 Daily
4-CTO income 5%
5- Recharge Cashback 10%
6- Mobile Recharge 4%
7- Point of Sale 10000 Monthly *
You are Club Member and 30 Draft Referrals Qualify. POS.10000 will be available for mantle. And respect cessation will also be found,
8- Transaction Cashback 10000 *
9- Transaction Cashback 10% Cashback Total Rs 10000 will be available for cashback.
Super Distributor Bulk Booking AEPS
10 AEPS 5%
50 AEPS 10%
Refresh AEPS 5%
The company works only on digital services
The company's products are digital services
Is the start of the company
You know the importance of getting involved in the beginning, how many benefits are there to get the initial leaders working hard
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